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Waypoint Immigration offers always-available expert advisors to guide you on your immigration journey. Our business model is very different from what you may find with other attorneys and law firms because we favor direct conversation. In order to make sure direct conversation is always available, we use an automated calendaring system that is easy to use and ensures that your Waypoint attorney is fully dedicated to you when working on your immigration matters.
Waypoint Immigration has 3 major service categories: Consultations, Case Review, and Case Preparation.

Consultation Services

$148 | 25 minutes

Waypoint Immigration provides expert advice to you that is easy to schedule at any time.

We have 4 preset types of consultations, including a general option if you want to discuss something not on our preset list:

  • Career Planning

  • Visa Options

  • Rights & Obligations

  • General Consultation

consultation sevices

Case Review Services

Case Reviews are $250 and include full petition review and markup, a 25-minute discussion to review everything with your attorney, and comprehensive follow up resources and guidance.


Waypoint Immigration attorneys are your personal advocates in the immigration process. Your employer will control much of your immigration process, and there may be times when your employer wants to handle everything with their own attorneys. But if your employer allows your participation in the process, you can get your own representation and advice to ensure that your interests are fully represented.


Our Case Review services require you to schedule a discussion with an attorney. At least 24 hours before that discussion, please securely upload a full copy of the documentation that you want your Waypoint attorney to review. Your Waypoint attorney will thoroughly review and mark up the documents in advance so that everything is ready to review during the scheduled discussion.

Our Case Review services are especially valuable if you were issued a Request for Evidence (RFE) or if you have complex family or personal matters that impact your employer’s petition.


Some examples of the cases we review are:

  • H-1Bs, E-3s, and TNs (I-129s)

  • RFEs of all kinds

  • Visa Stamping Applications (DS-160s)

  • Adjustment of Status Applications

  • And More

case review

Case Preparation Services

Waypoint Immigration can prepare the full range of personal applications for temporary and permanent immigration to the U.S. for you and your family members. Our prices are competitive but vary depending on the complexity of the matter. Please schedule a consultation with us to determine the best path forward. The consultation fee will count towards the case preparation fee if you decide to retain Waypoint to prepare your application.

Some examples of the cases we prepare are:

  • Applications for dependent status (H-4, L-2, TD, F-2, etc.)

  • Spousal Work Permits (EADs)

  • DACA Applications

  • Extensions of B-1/B-2 Visitor Status

  • Visa Stamping Applications

  • Marriage-based green card applications

  • Extraordinary Ability Green Card Applications

  • National Interest Waiver Green Card Applications

  • Green Card Applications (AOS or Consular)

  • Citizenship Applications

  • and more

case prep
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